Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More party crafty...

Here's the rest of the crafty from Cody's Birthday party.

Crafty doesn't just come from the crafty cave, it comes from the kitchen as well.

Broken Glass Jello was a hit at the party
Couple of hints though...
I used the large boxes of Jell-o instead of the small as she has in the recipe. Worked okay, but I forgot to double the milk mix, and tried to add in some plain gelatin water. It didn't quite mix together right, but they tasted okay. So if you use the large boxes, mix those with 2 cups of hot water and double the milk mix.

The last time we went to visit the climbing place on a Saturday, it was packed with people. We did come to find out they were hosting an event at that time. So to help keep track of our party goers, I made some tie-dye shirts and ironed on a climber dude using iron on printer paper.