Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Snowman Kit

My brother text me this afternoon and asked if I had enough Christmas shopping done for them to maybe come for a visit next weekend. Ummm, well, maybe? I'm so close on my Boise stuff, so I said "Sure!" So we'll see if they are able to arrange it or not, not even sure who the "they" are, but family nonetheless!

So in a hurry to bust out some gifts needing to be finished, I whipped this up tonight for my brothers soon-to-be kids. I started on Thurs by painting the nose orange, then Friday I clear coated it, hopefully it will stand up to the winter wetness. This comes for a Mary Englebright craft book. Here's the finished kit:

The eyes, mouths and buttons are made out of craft foam, bought in single sheets per color. To attach them to the snowman, you punch a small hole into the center, then I took black pipe cleaners, twisted them (fold in half to make two sides) and put the rounded end through the hole. Secure with an adhesive meant to get wet, I used outdoor decoupage glue.

The nose is a Styrofoam cone, shaved a little to look like a carrot, paint it orange and clear coat depending on the paint used. Use a narrow screwdriver to punch a hole in the middle of the end, and feed and glue a pipe cleaner to secure it to the snowman.

The scarf was made from scrap felt, cut to a good length. For the ends, cut up about 1 inch every 1/2 inch or smaller. Then stretch them out one at a time and they will coil, giving a fun look.

I mail ordered the stovetop hat from Oriental Trading because I had a hard time finding anything not plastic. The book suggested to look at costume stores. To keep it on the snowman, I punched two holes close together on each side, then threaded a pipe cleaner through and twisted the two ends together.

I still have to finish one scrapbook (5 months & cover page), Mom's 12 days hanging and two stockings. EEEKK!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Charming St. Nick

Today's finished project: Charming St Nick Clay Ornaments.
From the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ornaments to Make book. They were not hard at all, just the kneading of the clay was the worst for me.
These are for the Grandparents & Great G-ma.

Holy Crap, did you see what my ticker says, only 1 month til' Christmas. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

12 Days Hanging continued...

Here is the 12 Days wall hanging all pieced together. Same as the other, still have to put the back on and quilt.
I was also able to cut out the pieces for stocking last night and did the first round of sewing on those. Won't have time to work on those again until tomorrow.

Then I've also added two more projects to the list! 2 more stockings for my brother's, fiance's kids, they are getting married in April. My mom just finished getting a set of stocking bought, then I made her 2 for the boys, so I'll make 2 more for the new kids!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tree Table Runner

Today I was able to piece together the top for a quilted table runner for my MIL. Still have to put find backing and edge/binding fabric, put the large pieces together and quilt them.

On the agenda for tonight:
Cut out pieces for 2 stocking for SIL.
Cut out pieces for floor pillows for the boys.

Shop for backing for tree runner
Assemble top of 12 days wall hanging (embroidered pieces I posted before)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

April Layout

Six more to go and our year books for Grandparents are complete!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A hit and a miss.....

Well, I worked hard over the last couple of days and finished the first of 4 fleece jackets. It went together well and turned out great, with one minor issue. It's too short. This was intended to be for my dad, so I had Keith try it on and it was just not right. So I tried it on and length wise it's great, but too big all around. Hmmmm.
Off to call my mom and asked her to measure a jacket of dad's and we are talking needing to add like 6" to the damn thing!

Solution: Cut out a panel from the back and sew a straight seam back together, shorten the sleeves and an extra gift for my mom.
Buy a couple more yard of fabric and start over for dad.
I will also have to re-cut the front & back pieces for the one I'm making for my brother as I'm sure it will be too short.
It went together without any real issue, the pattern is great, and meant for men, so I'm not sure where their models came from!
But here it is:
At least I'm not scared of the pattern and sewing process anymore. It's a new endeavor, clothing/wearables.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crafty Victories for the week so far.....

So at this point, anything I accomplish is a small victory! The scrapbook pages got me rolling for the week. Since then I've spent time cutting out 2 of the 4 sets of pieces, including the pattern itself, for fleece jackets I'm making for my dad, brother and both BIL's. This is a major milestone because I hate the cutting part!

I also finished up the embroidery stitching on a wall hanging I'm making for my mom based on the 12 days of Christmas.

Next is to cut them into pear shapes, fuse and sew them onto backing fabric and finish the rest of the piece. Lots of cutting to do here still, so I'm headed there next!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feb & Mar Scrapbook pages

Yay two more down and seven more to go!