Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crafty Christmas

There wasn't a ton of crafty going on this past Christmas, but some worked it's way in!
  It's just not Christmas without a bit of crafty.
Ornaments for my Sister-in-Law's family

 The boys and I made waterless snow globes
(Thought I had found clearer jars, without writing etched onto them, will have to do some more searching around.)
 My best friends had a gift exchange and I drew Sarah.  I searched around her Pinterest boards and found this wall hanging, one that I also love. I cut letters out of full sheet label paper on my Cricut, stuck them onto a canvas and painted over them.  It turned out cute and something that would be fun to try again with the boys. 
 Our new nephew needed a stocking. Hopefully the fabrics coordinate with the ones I had made for Virginia and Eli a couple of years ago.  (I made sure to buy extra and have it stashed for the future.)
 Every day rag wreaths:
 Sister-in-Law Danna's:
 For my niece, a manicure kit.  The boys helped me pick out nail polish colors. 

  Mother-in-law asked for a zip hoodie sweatshirt, maybe something from BSU, Stanford or UCSB.
So instead of buying something from one place, I made one for all of them plus a bonus.  
The front has Cedar Crest College where she went to school.

 The back hosts all the schools that her kids and Rich attended. 

Then there's the one that got away....
Luckily, this just means I have a project to work on.

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