Monday, December 26, 2016

Crafty Christmas 2016

Crafty was king again this Christmas to make some gifts for family and friends that hopefully showed lots of love. 

 I made 3 sets of King sized pillow cases for my mom, but forgot to take a picture! 

Scarves were for some of my favorite gals.  I also made myself a red and white one. 


String art was a new adventure this year and I think I'm in love.  
Idaho for my sister in law
Outdoor California Love for Ty's gym head coach

 Australia to California for my Brother and Sister in Law
(Sorry for the sideways shot)

Cousin Cody received a photo quilt.  A bit of pirating of his Instagram and family Facebook pages yielded some great shots.  He likes to hunt, so I found some camo print and used woodsy prints for the borders.  
I like the general idea of how it turned out.  Hoping to up my quilting game because that is holding me back. 
 Cousins Aiden and Annabel were given the boys' old Leapster games and bags.  
The bags started out like this, kinda sad and initials that don't match.
 I covered the initials with patches that matched the bags. 
Then added a canvas insert that gave the bags some much needed shape. 

 The house had a bit of crafty as well.  
A new rag wreath made from fabrics I already had in my stash. 

New card wreaths were inspired by an evening out with my girlfriends.  
Sarah set up a simple craft of covering clothespins with scrapbook paper and adding button embellishments.
 I brought home some extra papers to match and made a second set.  I had these great wooden snowflake cut outs to add on as well. 
 Love how they look with cards from the season.
 We always add a photo ornament of each boy to the tree, so I ran with the clothespin and snowflakes to make the set for 2016.

Eek, it's been 3 years since I posted on the crafty blog.  Ugh.  Maybe this year will be better! 

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