Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Treat

Oh look at that, something was pulled off of Pinterest and actually completed!  

The boys are away having a blast, so I packed a treat into their clothes bag for Sunday along with fun new green shirts to wear.  Lucky them, they get to spend the day in Lego Land.  
There is a gold chocolate coin on the bottom, individual Jelly Belly candies and lemon drops (didn't have any yellow beans) from the bulk bins at Winco to make a rainbow.  Next they are layered into a mini jelly jar, tight as possible to prevent shifting and mixing of colors.
  If you put the ring and lid onto the jar, you are not able to see the orange and red layers, so I wrapped the jar tightly with Press and Seal wrap, then taped the bottom to make sure it stays in place. 
Next, because they are traveling, I put them into a Ziploc bag with a note attached. 

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